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This is official public resource of the Firefly SDK — the Open Source Gaming Development Kit. This is game engine that provides capabilities to develop top quality games that run across a variety of platforms. Games made with the engine can be played on such as: iPads, iPhones, Android tablets/phones and the web.

Download Firefly

Download single ZIP package and extract it somewhere into separate directory. This package containes following:

  • The Firefly library source code
  • Libraries and extensions:
    • Precompiled Firefly SWC library ready for use
    • Starling SWC library
    • Google Analytics ANE
    • Chartboost ANE
    • Audio ANE
  • Example project that demonstrates how to use Firefly SDK

About Firefly

  • Info — overview of Firefly SDK
  • Features — key features and capabilities
  • Showcase — games and apps powered by Firefly SDK

Learning Firefly

  • First Steps — getting started guide to learn how to correctly setup your Firefly project
  • Tutorials — good manual for new users
  • Game Templates — ready to use projects with predefined game flow
  • API Reference — Firefly API documentation

Other Resources

If you think that Firefly can be helpful for you please help us to improve it!

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